Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Almost 1 month after my baby arrived!

It has been SO long for 9 months of pregnancy. But after I gave a birth for my little yummy girl, day and night blended and run by quickly. I can't believe that she will turn to 1 month old in a couple of day.
She is a tiny girl, weight 2630g at birth, 13th Aug.

We carried her back home in the swaddle blanket I made.

Apparently, most of clothes I made for her are still too big, a lot of room to grow up in.

Except the swaddler and head band that can fit her just right.

Big sissy is loving our new family member. She was only occasionally mention about me lacks of time for her.

Having a baby again is a precious moment but I miss my sewing machine sometimes. Manythings I want to make for both of my girls.

Only if my little miss take a nap longer!


  1. Such a cute baby girl! I'm sure it is hard to find time to sew now and we sewing moms just need it - a moment to create something beautiful :) I love my children but I also love my sewing machines and fabrics so I totally understand you ;)

  2. she's so tiny and cute! my second - a boy - is 2 months and a half and I feel you about missing my sewing machine...