Friday, October 4, 2013

Project Run&Play # 7 : 4st week " I Heart Jumpsuit"

Woooo! Finally, I did it through 4 weeks of PR&P sew-along. I can't believe I can done all 4 outfits in a month. This was very fun and a milestone for my sewing learning curve!

And the last week's theme is "Signatures style". This theme knocked me out. Since I'm just a newbie in sewing, it's not easy to identified which are my most preferred looks for the girl.

As many ideas came and gone and I done nothing till Wednesday , I thought I have to make something that easy to finished and wearable.... here comes the Jumsuit, I Heart Jumpsuit.

As an official member of Romper/Jumpsuit & Suspenders lover club. I decided to make another jumpsuit for my girl. I've just can't resist the cuteness of Romper/Jumpsuit & Suspenders on little girl.

This "Heart Jumpsuit" idea came to me since FLIP sewalong on Sep. I want to flip the W Pants from Alphabet collection to jumpsuit but I have no time to do so.

This project was done on time without many details. I keep the design simple and clean since the main fabric is already stand out.

The W Pants have a ton of options to select. But I've done nothing from that wonderful list even the belt loops was eliminated due to my laziness time constrain. But I keep the pockets to made my girl satisfied.

I did add the elastics inside straps to make the suspenders like effect and ensure them stay on the shoulders.

p.s. The girl was not in the good mood for photo shot... That why she has got a stomachache like facial expression. Can not imagine how she react when she is being tween. :)

So, this PR&P#7 was done and I'm sure to waiting for start doing these fun sewing experiences again on the next season.  Don't forget to hop to the web to see wonderful work of the last round competition here and blown away with a ton of breath taking creations from sew-along entries here

Thank you for stopping by. I would love to hear from you. :)


  1. She's adorable in her heart jumpsuit!

  2. Awe! So cute and great idea! I love it!

  3. How sweet is that heart! What a great idea!

  4. Your style is just so much fun!!! I love seeing kids dresses up in things that are just plain fun and you do that so well. I'm so glad I found your blog. I love what you sew!

    1. Your comment blown me away! Thank you so much!

  5. I feel the same way that Crys does! I so enjoy seeing what you have made and love reading along with it! This jumpsuit is adorable and I love the heart in the front! So appropriate for a little girl!

  6. I love the heart detail!!! And the print is so cute!!!