Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Refashion : Tee to the Hangout Hoodie

Hi all, seem like the entire sewing planet is countdown to winter and wonderful festival. I would keen to put my needle on the very stunning winter projects which pop around but the weather here is 33 degree Celsius... I would better sew another tee-shirt or sleeveless top for the girl and myself. But I really love to see all the winter outfits! Maybe one or two cardigans would practical for my girl.

Well, I will stop moaning and start sharing my refahion projects as my intention. This is the Hangout hoodie from Peekaboo pattern shop which I was done since Amy's sew-along in August and you can see some of hoodies featured here. I didn't have a change to write about it on my blog till now and this is a good time to link it with FLIP these pattern series of November.

Re-fashion Hangout-hoodie
I used tee-shirt for the main part of Hoodie, added my leftover pre-ruffled fabrics, printed knit from my last project and ruffled trim to give the girly details at sleeves and the hood.

After my refashion, can't help to add the eyes for that cat!
I didn't alter main shape of the hangout hoodie much. Just did flare out a bit with the tunic length, lined up the hood and added ruffled trim. The pattern instructions are easy to follow. I've only little struck when try to finish the planket.(mostly because I didn't cut the fabric accurately)

The pre-ruffled sleeves and hood.
This is the first project which I use pre-ruffled fabric for sleeves. the second is this top for project run&play sew-along. Still have plenty of these fabrics left, any idea to use ruffled fabrics would be nice :)

Hankout hoodie tunic

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