Saturday, August 6, 2016

The 3rd life of my maternity t-shirt

Hi all!

I didn't make or re-make things much lately but the refashion mojo has just striked back when I started to work out again, about 2 years after I gave birth to my second girl. 
I have many t-shirts from my maternity time lay around, comfy but not so flatter on me at the moment (still have 3 kg left and a permanent muffin top tummy).
This t-shirt was refashioned once by stencil on its front. I decided to give it the 3rd life with the easiest way, cut out t-shirt.
This is a no sew and very easy refashion which you can find its how-to floats around Pinterest. I recommend using a quiet big t-shirt for this project to get the loose tank top as the result. Mine is size L and end up fit for me.

I found the work out tank tops are pricey and plan to refashion more of my t-shirt. I hope it will turn out well and I will share with you again.

Happy refashion!

Penya, an apprentice housewife