Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Upcycled : Tablecloths to a mullet skirt for party.

Apart from sewing for my sweet girl, I made outfits for myself when have a chance. Especially the upcycled project which can finished in a short period because of its already finished hem or collar is my favorite.

Upcycled mullet skirt from the tablecloth

I've got this tablecloths from nearby local flea market. At first sight, I know it would become my new skirt and I will wear it to the near come party but the idea didn't solid at that time.

This tablecloths costs me around $6

This sheer, oval shape fabric came with ruffle lace hem. The seller told me that it will perfectly charm on the rectangle or oval shape table... I don't think so, it would look better hanging on my waist. :)

With its own fancy hem. No need to have a pain at hemming around those circle/oval hem!
I designed to make it a circle skirt... but changed my mind to a mullet skirt with high and low hem. I used the tutorial from Dana Made It to calculated the waist line circle (which anyone can get a pretty circle skirt with no problem from this tutorial). I've just changed the position of the circle inside, not at the center but a bit near the one side than the other side to make asymmetric hem.

Lining skirt was the most difficult part for me to done this skirt!
You can see that this see through babe need a lining skirt. So, I have to made another circle for lining and this layer NEED to HEM around! Luckily, I've found the curved folding template from The scientific seamstress to help me finished the hem easier. It's free and awesome useful!

I made a casting for elastic because I intended to wear it to party and want to made it looks neat. The result was satisfied (from my point of view)!

Go to party with family.

I paired it with my lace top and nude belt. while my little girl worn her white tutu. I love that I can have the party outfit for less.

Any suggestion how to match the skirt with others top would be nice. I love this skirt but no idea how to wear it to get the others look.

Thank you for stop by :)

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