Friday, December 20, 2013

My tee to girl dress refashion and hot springs trip

If you have any Asian friend you may heard about the Chinese zodiac which relates each year to an animal according to a 12-year cycle. This traditional spread through several East Asian and South East Asian countries including Thailand. The next year, 2014's sign  is the horse. So in this last month of the year, you may find many gift and apparel presents the sign of this animal.

My Horse tee to the girl's dress
Including this horse t-shirt. The horse illustrate on the tee was designed by H.R.H. Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn of Thailand. This is a famous new year present. I already have my own in another color, so I designed to refashion this tee for my daughter.

It said" The horse bring joyful in the year of horse"

I use the pattern of the recess raglan tee from See Kate Sew and lengthen the body to create a dress. The sleeves was self-drafted. The sleeves were made by using my old knit strip dress ,the collar and the cuffs were made with my age yellow cardigan.  Then I got this dress for the girl.

The girl wear this dress to visit The Chae Son National park, Lamlang in the northern part of Thailand. This national park is famous for it lovely hot springs. The favorite activities here are including hot spring bath, trekking, massage and hot spring egg boiling!

Ready for hot spring egg boiling!

There are the hot springs observe area to wander around. The hot springs in this area are too hot to soak but it suits for boil the egg. You can buy  a bamboo basket with eggs or two to soak in the hot spring and then enjoy the heavenly soft boil egg with the jelly like yoke.

the path to the hot springs area
 We bought 2 baskets of eggs to boil there.
Boiling eggs
The recommendation is to wait for 17 minutes for the soft boiling eggs. We were enjoy the scenic surrounding during that.

The pavilion over there is for massage.  
There are private hot spring pool in the small stone huts for enjoy hot spring bath with the massage station near by. This place is such a heaven.

My girl is too young for hot springs bath. She was enjoy herself by the riverside which the hot springs merge to water fall and turn out to be a lovely luxe-warm water stream.

And enjoy hot spring eggs then.

If you have a change to visit northern part of Thailand, I would recommend the national park. It's awesome joy!

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