Monday, February 16, 2015

February "Free For All" :Circle Skirts Variety

This month has a fun series going on at Frances and Suzanne, it's a February "Free For All". All participants will sew up something base on free patterns. And I was lucky enough to be one of participant, hooray!

My creations are the variety of simple circle skirts which base on one FREE pattern and another one tutorial. They are very EASY and fast to make. As each skirt took 10-30 minutes! After having a baby, EASY is my first rule of sewing!

For me, the circle skirts have 2 types. One with elastic waistband and one without. The first freebie is the famous circle skirt tutorial by MADE which is the one with elastic band. I bet that you've ever heard about it or even pin it to your board. But did you make it yet??? I made skirts base on this tutorial many times, it's awesome! Come on, let's sew up some for the girl or for yourself.

This circle skirt made from 6 panels and applique. It's a first skirt that I made since 2 years ago.

This circle skirt is made from knit and has a shorts attached for modesty. It super twirly and my girl love it.

Dana also offers pattern of circle skirt for little baby size 0-3. I've adjusted it a bit for my almost 6 months old. Super cute!

Tips: The center circle which left from making skirt can use to make a matching head band for your baby too!

You can even make the circle skirt in your size with the same tutorial. I did it twice, one made from up-cycled tablecloth and another one made from pre-ruffled fabric. (What you see here is BEFORE I gave a birth to the second child. Fortunately, both skirts have elastic waist band and can accommodate my mummy tummy)

The second style of circle skirt is the one without elastic band. So, it involves zipper...that's not so hard, trust me! Anyway in case you insist to make it with elastic waistband, this pattern also has instructions for make it. 
This pattern called Trio of circle skirts from My Treasured Heirlooms. It's a PDF pattern range from size 12m to 12 years including doll size!!! Annastasia, the designer of My Treasure Heirloom is so generous to offer this pattern for free. You've just to join her sewing group page on Facebook : Mytreasuredheirlooms to get this pattern (hint: not only this pattern is free on her page).
It is called trio because you can make the circle skirt in 3 ways; full circle, half circle and quarter circle. All with pattern pieces to print and tape together. If you don't want to calculate, this pattern is just right for you!
This skirt made from full circle pattern with Ikea fabric. It's the favorite skirt of my girl at a moment.

  I also made a half circle skirt. It's not provide that much twirly factor but it's nice on it's own style. I recommend you follow the instructions by select true size according to given measurement. Do not go over size or you may need the suspenders as my girl needs

See? Circle skirt is fun and easy. Select your beautiful fabric and have fun with these free pattern/tutorial.

Find more about "February free for all" or show your creation on linky party, please visit Frances & Suzanne for more information. Let's joint the train of fun for free!

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