Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It was an honor!

Hooray! today I've got a very good news that...
my creation for "Flip this pattern" was win!

First moment, it was like... really?... cannot believe it. So I headed to francessuzanne blog and found this announcement . I was surprised and overwhelmed with this result. Thanks all the ladies. It was very encouraged that my first step is so much accepted.

So, Thanks talented Heidi of  Elegance and Elephants for creating this cute pattern. and thank you again, wonderful frances & suzanne for hosting this FLIP series. And all ladies who sewing along, all those creations are pretty and inspiring.

I will share the tutorial for adding ruffles to the pockets and suspenders in soon.

Now , I've day dream about how to FLIP this adorable roller skate dress in the next month. How about you?


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Cactus pin cushion&keeper : Repurpose project

Since I bought the sewing machine. Seem like I got a need for things that never have a meaning for me before; pin cushion, for example. So I designed to make one and this one should be function as pin keeper as well. Coz I plan to carry it with me to the sewing class.
And I ended up with this
I've got the original tutorial for cactus making here :

Looks simple enough for the beginner sewer, right? Let's start!

1. Cut the felt to 6 pcs of semi-circle. I used 2 tone of green to coordinated.

2. Find empty cosmetic jar, wrap it with your fabric scraps useing glue gun to attach. Cut a long rectangle piece of felt to wrap the lid if you's like. Cut a circle same size as the top of the lid. Leave the jar and circle piece wait to grow the cactus.

3. Sew a pair of semicircle together. We would got 3 semicircle caps, trim the edge of the cap and flip them inside out.

4. Sew along the center of 3 semicircle caps. Stuff each room with polyester And sew to close the rooms.

5. Sew your cactus with the circle piece. Use glue gun to attach it to the jar lid.

6. Let the cactus bloom if you'd like. I've just cut the red felt to 2 flower shape and sticked them to cactus with my pins. How lazy ^^

There you've got it! Open lid to store the pin and use the lid as the cushion. I'm love how it turned out. Hope you like it too. :)

Friday, June 21, 2013

My flip : Girlie ruffles bubble shorts with suspenders

I've just started sewing for a while and tried to join in couple series of sewalong as posted in my Flickr. But this is  the first attempt to post it in the blog. (You may notice that this is THE FIRST post of the blog) So, I hope you enjoy it.

The 1st pattern of "Flip this pattern" ,the series hosted by talented Frances Suzanne, is lovely E&E bubble pocket shorts . It's so cute and surprisingly easy to sew. Even me, the naive sewer has no problem to finished the shorts!

And this is how I flip E&E bubble pocket shorts .

I added double layers of ruffles, eyelets and coordinate bias cut gingham to the pockets. These girlie details were add to the suspenders to up level of the sweet-girl looks too.

The shorts turned out sweet as I wish...

My little model was not in the "nice shot" mood. But I tried to pursued her with ice cream. 

Do you think it suits the girl well?

Thank you for stop by!