Saturday, August 31, 2013

Secret Squirrel sew along # 2 : August

Today is 31th, August. So, I'm quiet late for this month sew along but it's still on time, isn't it ;)

Even though my tee is very simple but I can't finished it earlier. (as same as my sew along at last month,
My up-cycled raglan tee for Secret Squirrel Sew along, August
In case you're wonder what is the "Secret Squirrel", please follow this link. And you can see others beautiful creations at this flickr group.

This months, my interpretations are as below
My interpretations for 5 acorns.
Acorn no. 1 Tangerine & Acorn no. 5 Something old are combined. As I used up-cycled tee for this project. Both strips and solid tangerine in this project are from my tee (I was also use this solid in my last month sew along. I use the recess raglan pattern from The alphabet collection by See Kate Sew. This pattern is awesome and fun to mix up. I'm sure a lot more tee will come out from this pattern.

Acorn no. 3 Anne of Green Gable. I'm a fan for this novel. I thought I've read this book since I was at grade 7. Still have a copy of both Anne of Green Gable and Anne of Avonlea. Since I have zero knowledge for fashion on that era, I never understand what are those "puffed sleeves" Anne want so much. But it's the only clue about Anne's fashion which I recognized. So, I googled "Anne of Green Gable puffed sleeves" and found this...

Oh dear Anne! It's lovely and unique. But I decided to make less dramatic puffed sleeves for my little girl. (too less puffed?, it's my first time, see)
My little puff-bottom sleeves
Acorn no. 2 patch and Acorn no. 4 Australia are combined to a kangaroo patch front pocket. It's the first idea that pop up in my head for Acorn no. 4. I also considered others option like kangaroo or koala patch on tee but this one is easiest and practical.
Front pocket for carry small friends.
You may notice the heart pendant and necklace. My almost 4 years old made it herself with beads. She is really in to this craft lately.

Well! that are all 5 acorns in to one tee. Do you like it as much as me :)

I've also added this project to the "Flip this pattern" sew-along series. This month (September) is about flipping the whole Alphabet collection from Pattern Anthology. I'm sure that a lot of wonderful creations will pop up during this month. Please visit FrancesSuzanne blog sew-along page to admire.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flip creation for August "Ti(n)ny Snow white"

May I admit that I was hooked by this "Flip this pattern" series at Frances Suzanne. As I was sewing along since June, E&E Bubble shorts. Then 2 versions here and here for the O&S Roller Skate dress during last month.

This month, the Tinny dress pattern is a very challenge for me. Lots of option, thanks for talented An from Straight-grain who created this, but it not easy to flip the pattern that is so much flexible by itself. And this pattern required zipper installation (never did, checked!) and collar (never did as well, checked!).

Anyway, my decision is to learn how to install the zipper and finished the beautiful collar from this pattern. It turned out to be a right decision because the provided instructions are very clear and I have no (big) problem to do so.

And the result is... Tinny dress inspired by Snow white.

Ti(n)ny Snow white insisted to pair the dress with red converse

I made the bow collar by using peter pan collar pattern as a guiding, made the dress without sleeves and use the bias tape to finished instead and change the skirt to bubble skirt. That's it!

How I adjust a peter pan collar pattern to be a bow collar

I made it in size 3 and it perfectly fits my almost 4 years girl. (She quite small for her age)

I asked her to act as a "Princess Snow white" but got only these little monkey action shots. Well.. at least she can be herself in this outfit. The girl happy = Mommy happy :)

Love these apple buttons at the front, cute!

I'm not normally dress my girl up in costume outfit but not-so-spacial costumes which can wear every day are not easy to resist.

By the way, while I thought about how to flip the Tinny, I was realized that with all those peter pan collar, zipper at back and pleat skirt. This pattern can be use for making my girl's school uniform easily. But NO way!


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