Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coloring page dress # Project Run and Play season 9 sew along

I found this awesome idea at Welcome to the Mouse House last year and lucky enough to found this TIDNY fabric at Ikea store nearby. So I can make my version of coloring page dress for the girl.

My coloring dress from the Norah dress pattern

We trown in the coloring party. Each mommy made something from this fabric and let the kids color them. We have got some dresses, tops for girls and drawstring bags for boys. For my girl, I used the Norah dress and Tunic pattern which is the good frame for this project.

Coloring party
My girl is more than happy with her work (others kid as well). All of them very proud of themselves, so do moms!

So proud in her own color dress
I took the photo of her in this dress after many times of laundry. The dress was get worn very often. You may notice the color was fade a bit.

We plan to make another party in the near future, maybe the easy batik party. It would be nice if you can share the idea. We are during summer break. Any activity to entertain the kids would help the moms a lot.

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  1. so so cute!!! I recently made my niece a dress from this fabric.... I mailed it to her, can't wait to see a photo of her wearing it after its colored! Love the theme this week ;o)

  2. Really cute dress & fabric.- I love that you let your daughter do the coloring!

  3. Your girl did such a good job on the coloring. Now I need some :) how fun that you all came together to have fun and create. You and your daughter make a great team! I love it!

  4. I love this dress! What little girl would not love this color-your-own dress! I now must go to IKEA and see if I can find that fabric :)

  5. That is a great idea, and how fun for her to color her dress! I am sure that it is a favorite dress for her to wear. :)

  6. Having kids involved is always such a great idea. They will always love whatever we make.

  7. What a great idea! She will treasure this little dress long after she outgrows it!

  8. So cute!! I let my daughter color this fabric and made a dress from it too. I hope my daughter loves hers as much as yours does! Great project!

  9. Oh my goodness! I love this, I'll have to try it some time soon!