Saturday, April 12, 2014

KCW April 2014 : The twirly jelly rolls skirt

This is official 5th day of KCW April 2014 but it's my actual 1st day to start any sewing for my kid in this week. Here's the result.

Twirly jelly rolls skirt on the bed head model
 I let the girl select which jelly rolls she want for her skirt. She selected the polka dot mixed one and asked for skirt that she can twirl in.

It did pass the twirlability test
The last tier of the skirt made from 5 strips of fabric. I've connected all short end of 5 strips together and run the very long roll on my little ruffle foot. Then attached it with the next tier, running on ruffle foot and so on and so on. The top tier was measurement of my girl's hip plus extra inches for comfortable. The last step is to let the girl select elastic band and attached it to the skirt. (I didn't hem the skirt, just used the pinking sheers. Fact is, handle the pinking sheers along the 220" length (44"x 5's) of skirt's hem is not easy as I thought) 

It's colorful, isn't it?
 It's not difficult project, just a bit of time consuming and a lot of ruffles to handle. I would love to did more delicate hemming but too lazy. What do you do when you have to finished the twirly skirt hem without the serger?  

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  1. Such a cute skirt! You can absolutely tell she loves it! :D