Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hand smock summer dress: PR&P spring 2014#week4

Here's come the last week of Project Run&Play, the most difficult theme of all(for me), the signature style.

I've a hard time making decision what to make. Then the harder time to finished and blog it on time. 

By a little free time, I want to create a hand smock dress. The dress was done on the night before our family trip. So, I have to took all photo during the trip and now I am editing them and blogging by my iPhone.

This dress is made from The Sally dress pattern by Very Shannon. It's cute and comfy. I made it my style by adding the smock on the front bodice of the dress and attach the cute owl appliques on both pockets.

This type of smocking would looks better on clean polkadot fabric. It will create a petal like from binding 4 dots together. Mine is a bit too busy but I still love it as it  turned out.

This is a mini-how to for this smocking. Start by marking sign on the dots. Then put the needle from wrong side of fabric at no.1. Pull the thead on right side of fabric and put the needle down on no.2. Then up on no.3 and down on no.4 and so on and so on. When down on no.8, pull all the thread together and secure the thread at the wrong side of fabric. Move to the next group four dots along your designed area.

The owl applique looks cute, right? I'd love to take the compliment but I didn't creat them myself. I found them as an iron on applique at nearby craft store. ;)

Sorry for too much of photo on this post. I've just love how the dress turned out and can't resist to post them. It was approved by the girl too. And I hope you would like it as well.

Thank you for stopping by. I really love to hear your comment.




  1. This looks lovely <3 I love the pockets and especially the smocking -I have tried it a couple of times too. I'm dreaming of making a smocked summer dress for my youngest one .I like your style a lot !

  2. Love the smocking and those pockets are gorgeous!

  3. I love the Sally Dress!! What you did with smocking the bodice is amazing!

  4. I always love your stuff! Love the smocking!