Friday, March 21, 2014

Up cycle rabbit stencil-beachy boatneck : Flip for March and PR&P

Hello all!
My blog seems to inactive lately since I had developed a deep relationship with dear toilet due to my morning sickness. However, the symptoms are gone! I have a reunion with my sewing machine and here is the result.

The beach boatneck pattern is simple but  classy. I love the neckline which wide and comfortable. I use my t-shirt as a material for this project.

The girl is so small that I cut the pattern one size smaller and used woven fabric to created a band at hem. The finished dress is nice but I didn't stop at that point.

To give some fun, I let the girl did a freezer paper stencil for her own dress. This is my first stencil experience. Now I know why everyone love it!

Now the girl not only happy but also pround of the dress that she was co-created with mom. This dress is sure to be worn a lot during this summer and go to the zoo as well.

Thank you for stopping by. I really love to hear your comment. Do you like the stencil? Or prefer the plain one at first?

P.S. We are so proud to be one of Father's fantastic five  from flip this pattern series of Mar. Thank you so much Daddy! 



  1. So glad to see you back. Congratulations with the pregnancy so exciting! The dress is beautiful I love the stencil!

  2. How did we miss that you were pregnant?? CONGRATULATIONS!! Love the fact that you gave your daughter "co-ownership" in the creating of this masterpiece!!

  3. Adorable! Great job with the flip and the stenciling!

  4. We embellished ours too! Great minds...(I'm on the other end of the nine months!) Love your stenciled version, we used iron on transfer, but now we want to try stenciling too!

  5. I love the stencil! And your FLIP is adorable!

  6. With the stencil is definitely my favorite and I absolutely love how you let your daughter do it…my daughter would love doing something like that, I need to give that a try!! Super cute!

  7. Love the stencil! It adds a pop of color! Your girl is so cute!

  8. Adorable! (ANd I love boat cute!)

  9. Thank you for all the bless and I'm happy that all of you also love the idea of D.I.Y.K (Do it your kid) :)
    we will keep doing stencil together!
    And I so glad that we got the Daddy's fantastic five! wooooo :)