Monday, July 1, 2013

Fun time with homemade sidewalk paint

Every kids love messy art project or atleast my kid and her friends love messy play. So, this little art project was a big bang for them!

I found the recipe for the sidewalk paint via pinterest. The original formula was written  here but I adjusted it a bit.
My sidewalk paint formula is...
1 part cornstarch
1 part tap water
small amount of any coloring washable paint (I use tempera)
*optional : after washed all the messy paint I though next time I would add some detergent (dish washer, perhaps) to make it easier to wash.

Then we let the kids mixed it together. We provided them the cheap paint brushes from hardware store which perfect for this project.

This will super fun when you've got many little painter.

They were so absorp by the paint.

The older kids mixed the paint to create new color

From sidewalk paint to foot paint

It was tickle, I guess

After we made the third batch, the cornstrach was run out. The kids continue painted with sidewalk chalk.

I love this rainbow bridge

Then the kids helped in cleaning and this was fun too!

We still saw the fade color stain here and there but they gone after the heavy rain :)
So, I recommend to use only small amount of color and add a bit of detergent to the formula if you want to try this fun.

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