Friday, October 25, 2013

KCW fall 2013 : FLIP the Sunki pattern

The KCW for fall is on going. And I'm so glad that I can finished a dress from Figgy's Sunki pattern for October Flip These pattern sewalong in last minute (again). :)

The velvet Sunki from Sunki dress pattern
The pattern of this month, Sunki dress is not my normally choice to consider. Because from its look, I would think this pattern may too complicate for my beginner seam stress level. But my intention is to participate in every months of FLIP these pattern sewalong. So, I give it a try.

Sunki in tunic lenght

Apparently, this pattern is not that complicate as I thought. I faced a little trouble when tried to complete the 1st site of that curve pocket but with the helping from my dear seam ripper, it was done nicely. The 2nd pocket was smoothly finished without any issue. Learning curve, I would say.

My little alternation to the Sunki pattern
I keep it till the last day to start this project. Then, I want it so simple that I can made in a couple of hours. Knit is my fabric of choice but while I search through my fabric starch I found this lovely teddy bear printed stretchy velvet to work with instead. The red side panel was made from my old t-shirt.

I did alter the Sunki a bit to ensure it can finished with stretchy materials. I didn't use the back zipper, made it sleeveless and finished the neck and arm holes with bias tape. I was also shorten the length and created the band at the bottom end instead of hemming.

Look at my little model, can't help that she looks grumpy. I stole her time while she was playing outside with her friends to model these shots. She like the teddy bear printed on this tunic/dress but me, took too many shots was so annoying for her. She also refused to change her pants for photo shots and I let it went by as is.

Mom, did you done yet?
Wake me up when you got enough, O.K.?
Thank you for stopping by, I really love to hear your comments! :)


  1. Glad to see that you surprised yourself with this pattern's ease and your sewing ability!!! Grumpy photoshoots are the worst....BUT, they make excellent blogging material for later, right??

    1. Thanks for created this wonderful series. I'm sure learning new things from sewing along! :)
      And yes! I can't stop laughing while see the girl's grumpy shot in this post.

  2. Love the dress, especially the teddy bears. The pictures are pretty hilarious - cute grumpy face :)

    1. Thank you! I do agree that it's hilarious when I look back at her grumpy shots.

  3. I'm in the middle of making my first Sunki, and found your blog post. Yours turned out adorable, and your daughter looks so cute in it. I love your teddy bear fabric choice too! :)