Sunday, October 27, 2013

My sewing for Fall 2013

Technically, Bangkok, my hometown doesn't has Fall. We do have a marvelous summer, a monsoon with flood and a tiny bit of winter which the temperature may get down to 25 degree Celsius for a week if you are in the capital city.
We have a plenty of summer, indeed! So, sewing for fall and winter here is like a daydream for me. Accept, we can have a vacation somewhere else. Then I've got the good reasons for fall sewing. Yay!!
These are my sewing for fall.

Red riding Nituna Jacket
1. The Figgy's Nituna Jacket was in the amazing bundle sale, Sew Fab. The pattern is cute and I decided to made it by up-cycled old red fleece blanket and lined up with my floral flea-market 2nd hand tablecloth. The lace which trims around tablecloth hem was perfectly being pretty hem for the hood.

Her signature post during this trip, the rabbit post!

2. The reversible A-line dress

3. Owl sweatshirt from my crop top up-cycling. Easy perject with lovely result.

4. Leopard hoodie scarf.

5. The Heart Jumper I made for Project Run&Play sewalong. Using W Pants from Blank slate pattern .

That are what I made for fall trip. Which one do you like most? :)


  1. My favorite is the heart jumper - so sweet! But the red coat with the lace on the pockets is a close second!

  2. I adore the red jacket! I just found your blog today and already I'm obsessed. You and your daughter both are too cute for words and I love your amazing refashions and your great writing style. I've spent the evening combing through old posts and all your great links; even so, I can't wait to see more. Keep up the great work!

  3. Thank you! Both heart jumper and the jacket are my fav but I think the jumper will get worn far more often since the weather here never being real winter. :)