Monday, July 21, 2014

KCW Summer 2014 : Tiered kid art-like dress

Hi all. I took an advantage from my location to start KCW summer 2014 earlier than your guys in U.S. or Europe. Here is what I done for this season...

The Tiered dress, made from kid art-like linen. Highly twirlability!

Tiered kid art-like dress
As you may know that this summer KCW has a theme call "Kid ART" and my girl coincidence selected this linen which looks like her own art pieces. We both happy together.

Pattern from Happy homemade, Sew Chic Kids

The pattern is from Happy homemade Sew Chic Kids, pattern F : Tiered Dress (same pattern also available in tiered top). It is easy to sew. I've changed hemming to flower bias and used the big ribbon to make a sling.

It did pass the twirly test!
The girl love airily feeling of linen and the dress was pass her twirly test. Perfect for summer!

Perfect for summer 
I have to stop making dress for my 4 years girl and start to make something for my little kicker who is due in a next couple of week. But sewing for big girl is so fun!

That smile make me want to sew more and more dress for her!
I plan to sew some basic summer outfits and swaddle blankets for my little one. What do you sew for your newborn? Is it possible to sew after you got the baby? I'm afraid that I will have no spare time to make anything, I'm never good at time management.

At week #36.... I'm excited to meet my little girl!

Well! What is your plan for this summer sewing?



I really love to see your commets! It' made my day indeed!


  1. great job!! this dress is amazing! and yes the fabric is perfect for the theme!! great pics too!

  2. Such a lovely dress! Fabric is beautiful!

  3. What a gorgeous fun dress :) All the best for the arrival of your little one :)