Friday, January 24, 2014

Piglet (Reversible) Romper For Sewalong @ PR&P, Week2

PR&P, Week2 : Let's go to the movies!
This theme made me realize how long that I have not seen any movie. Think about my favorite one was come up with something like Lord of the ring, Star war or others 10 years ago-movies. Which I'm not sure the girl would happy with the outfit inspired by any of them or not.
So, I designed to ask the girl which character she like most. Here the answer is from her favorite story, the pink little pig from 100 acre wood, PIGLET!

Cottage mama's Shortcake romper for Piglet
This piglet romper is made with The cottage mama Shortcake reversible romper 's pattern. I thought silhouette of this romper would comply with piglet outfit.

Do I look like Piglet?
 I want to make easy to go outfit which the girl can wear everyday not the special dress. So I didn't make Piglet costume. Just bring color and strips to give personality for this romper.

Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and me playing in the 100 acre wood...
The girl was happy with her Piglet romper and I hope one day she will enjoy to go to the movie with me again! Her first experience with movie was when she went to planetarium with me... It was a bad experience for her since she was scream and believe that the comet will fallen to her head. (unfortunately the planetarium program was about the comet impact that day)

The pattern is intend to make as a reversible romper and I did another side in coordinate color with the cat applique at front.

Reversible shortcake romper
Reversible Shortcake romper "Piglet and the cat"

I like this side with the applique but the girl prefers Piglet side. At least we both happy with the result.

Revers side with strip and cat applique
 The only inconvenience about this romper is the girl can not go to toilet by herself. It needs adult supervise to take off or tide up the bow tide at the shoulder.

Happy ending!
 Well, which side of the romper that you like most?? :)
Thank you for stopping by. I love to hear from you.


  1. My little one wanted to be piglet too but I didn't have enough pink to make a romper so I am glad to see another piglet romping around. Appliqué all the way!

    1. Seem like Piglet is the popular among the little one. Thank you for your comment :)

  2. Charming! I think that romper is precious. It was very clever of you to turn it into Piglet. I know a little girl who would just love this! (pinning it!)!

    1. Welcome to Piglet gang :) I'd happy to see your little piglet in the near future.

  3. I think I'm with her and like the piglet side too. but both sides looks just great.

    1. Thank you, she like the piglet side that she only insist to wear piglet now. LOL